- October 29th 2016 –

It was a beautiful autumn evening when 30+ guests ventured across the picturesque covered
bridge at Fallasburg Park, traveling back in time to the historic village of Fallasburg.
Their mission: To discover the history and mystery of this wonderful location.
The “mystery” being..... Is Fallasburg Village haunted?
Situated in Vergennes Township, along the banks of the Flat River, lies Fallasburg Village.
An area so steeped in history. But, is it haunted?
Do the buildings and land host more than just artifacts?
We asked our guests to be the judge and jury of this very question. Inviting them to come along with
us, as we continued an investigation of this very location.
Founded in the 1830’s, by John Wesley Fallass. The village of Fallasburg
includes 42 acres along the banks of the Flat River, the covered bridge, a
schoolhouse, village cemetery, the Fallasburg Historical Museum and the
Misner House Museum.
The Fallasburg Historical Society exists for the purpose of preservation,
restoration, and maintenance of the Fallasburg Village, as well as
encouraging public support through education, sharing information, and
hosting numerous events.
Fallasburg village was listed as the “Fallasburg Historical District” in the
National Register of Historic Places on March 31, 1999.
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