Seeing: Things out of the corner of your eye, Moving shadows, Fogs or mists, Visual
appearance of an apparition or apparitions, Glowing balls of light. Unexplainable

Other Unexplainable Activities: Children with imaginary friends, Pets behaving oddly,
Objects moving on their own, Electrical appliances acting weird, Problems with
plumbing, Windows\Doors opening or closing by themselves, Missing\Disappearing
and re-appearing objects, Hearing/Feeling breath when nobody is there,
Unexplainable fires, Myths/ Legends, Huge turnover in residence of a dwelling or
Unexplainable Sounds: Such as footsteps or foot falls, Voices or whispers, music,
banging, or knocking, slamming doors, etc.

Unexplainable Feelings: Cold or Hot spots in a room or location, Feelings of being
watched, Followed, Not alone., Or of a strong presence, Feeling touched with
nobody present.

Smelling: Odd scents that do not belong, such as Perfumes, Floral, Cigar smoke,
Foul putrid smells.