Your full name:
Phone #:
Please describe the problem you are having or activity you have witnessed at this location:
Current occupants of the location (Name, Age, Sex) :
When did this activity start? , How long has it been going on?
How long have you lived at this location, and do you know of any past history? (If so please explain briefly.)
Does the activity occur at the same time each time, or is it random?  Is the activity always the same or does it
Has anyone been harmed or affected by the activity?  (If so, please explain).
Are there any pets in the home?  If so, how do they react to the activity?
How do you feel when the activity occurs?  How do others in the home feel?  
In your opinion, what do YOU think may be going on?  What is your theory and why do you think this may be
And lastly, How did you hear of Michigan Paranormal Alliance?  What would you like to see done regarding the
paranormal activity in your location?  What are your expectations?